To be honest, I am already a big fan of Austrian national carrier Austrian Airlines, which I cannot really deny. Monday June 20, 2016 however boosted my appreciation of everything in connection with Austrian Airlines to extreme heights. That day the carrier invited 49 social media influencers, travel bloggers and aviation geeks to their base at Vienna Airport VIE for the #myAustrianMoment night, a hangar and Business Class Tour. And Travelzoner was one of the lucky ones invited.

Welcome with an Austrian Smile

The evening started off with Austrian crew, mostly aviation, but also some Austrian Airlines staff (PR, marketing), welcoming us at the Visitair Center at Vienna Airport. While we were sipping champagne we received our passes for the tour, got our instructions and learned of the hashtag to be used for any postings –#myAustrianMoment.

During the bus ride we got to know each other a little bit, plus I found fellow travel bloggers Reisedoktor, Reisebloggerin and ChronicWanderlust.

The Hangar

A short bus ride later and we arrived at the Austrian Airlines hangar, where one of their Airbus A320 was just parked. The inside of an A320 is nothing new to me, but I had fun taking photos, climbing up ladders to the doors and wings and eagerly listened to all the information given by our technical guide. Some good photo-ops later we were invited to grab one of boarding passes for the next scheduled event that night – an invitation to the Business Class…

Traveling in style – Business Class on a B777

Austrian Airlines invited us bloggers onto one of their Boeing 777-200, which was parked outside the hangar that day (OE-LPA registration, flying by the name “Sound of Music” – how very Austrian ;))  I grabbed a seat in the second part of the business class cabin and sunk into a lusciously equipped full flat lounge chair / bed with mega leg space and a full 15” screen. If you want to see what an Austrian Airlines business class look, feel free to jump right into the video below.

I really felt flattered by the welcoming crew, the whole atmosphere and the luxurious service that was offered. Of course we didn’t really take off, but apart from that everything was done as it would be on a normal flight from Vienna to Bangkok.

The outstanding flight experience in an Austrian Business Class seat features…

  • a horizontal full-flat bed almost two meters in length
  • an innovative air cushion system providing greatest possible comfort
  • an integrated massage function
  • the latest on board entertainment system

Austrian Airlines really made a show and, apart from the superb crew headed by purser on flight Susanne Weber, they sent in two flying chefs for our service.

DO & CO is one of the world’s best caterers and caters for airlines, including Austrian Airlines. In Austrian Business Class they serve a multi-course menus with absolutely fresh ingredients. On board the Flying Chef (also offered by Turkish Airlines) puts finishing touches to the culinary specialties. The order of your menu always contains:

  1. soup and appetizers from the trolley
  2. three main courses to choose
  3. a large variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
  4. a selection of desserts and cheeses from the trolley

In  Austrian Business Class all courses are arranged separately and served individually. The menu is always accompanied by a number of excellent Austrian and international wines. The skilled crew is pleased to advice passengers on choosing the corresponding red or white wine.

Of course there’s also a coffee service on board Austrian Airlines – after all Austria, especially Vienna, is world known for their hundreds of different coffees. So Austrian Airlines offer a Flying Coffee House and serve a selection of 10 freshly prepared classic Viennese coffee specialties to go with your desert or selection of cheeses.

Good night Austrian Airlines, see you soon

At around 11 pm we were full up, had our coffee specialty and were given some nice presents. It was time to call it a night and say good bye to crew and team from Austrian Airlines. And what a night it was – thank you Austrian for a job done so well. I felt most welcome and will sure come back soon for more of your service. Meanwhile keep up the good work!

saying good by the to lovely Austrian crew (credit: Michèle Peauty)

Thank you Austrian Airlines – do keep up the good work!

Hope you enjoyed the story, please do come back for more. Don’t forget to follow our blog, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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