Oh la la, Vienna – a Gay Quickie of Austria’s Capital

Vienna, the city of empress and gay icon Sissy, gay-ish composer Mozart and definitely gay-est of all cakes Sachertorte (a lavishly rich chocolate tart), always had a reputation of indulging in intimate and steamy love across and between all sexes. Sharing and spreading had a totally different meaning at times when emperors, dukes, duchesses or even apparents to the throne of the Austro-Hungarian Empire hit the narrow streets of old Vienna’s red light districts. Same sex relations and sexual endeavors were nothing new to the people.

Nothing new today – Vienna is a LBTQ-Capital of Europe

Vienna still is a gay-ish city. Although, like many other nations around the globe, Vienna too had and has its difficulty with same-sex relations and life. But Vienna handles its dissent in a rather charming manner. Today Vienna’s tourist board caters for the needs of LGBTQ travelers and hosts a LGBTQ dedicated website: https://www.wien.info/en/vienna-for/gay-lesbian


But there’s even more: each year in June, Vienna stages its own LGBTQ-Pride, the Rainbow Parade. Plus Vienna is the home of renowned gay extravaganza and biggest AIDS charity event in Europe, the Life Ball. The far from traditional ball attracts thousands of visitors and the big stars from Hollywood, politics and economy. Bill Clinton is a regular, so are Katy Perry, Pamela Anderson, Charlize Theron, Jean Paul Gaultier and many others. Vienna opens its grand city hall especially for the Life Ball, which in itself is a grand gesture towards the LGBTQ community. For more information on the Life Ball go to its website on http://lifeplus.at/life-ball

Travelzoner’s Bucket List for having a GAY-Time in Vienna

Two nights in Vienna will suffice, if you’d want to have a fab time out. Of course there’s much more to do and plenty of reasons for staying longer, but be honest, who’s git the time these days 😉

So fly to Vienna and hit the road. The city has plenty of night life, cool venues and parties  catering for the needs of us “demanding” LGBTQ crowd.

The Circus Clubbing (credit: the Circus)
  • BallCanCan, a monthly Balkan clubbing event with Balkan-Pop and Turbo-Folk  at the @Opera Club
  • Bear & Butch is on at the Pitbull clubbing. Since its opening in 2009, the Pitbull team has provided sweat-producing beats for that pure testosterone rush.
  • the lush and exuberant The Circus, which is a huge gay spectacle held at irregular intervals (twice to four times per year) in the Arena Wien with international top DJs, sexy crowds and a spectacular show for the true party animals.
  • G.spot is held on a monthly basis is aimed at lesbians as well as gays and offers changing musical emphases, such as Electronic, House, Tribal, Techno and others; a welcome alternative to the gay and lesbian disco routine.
  • queer:beat: Gays, lesbians and friends can dance away to indie rock, electronic and chart music here. Several DJs play for the young, dance-crazy crowd. www.queerbeat.at
  • Miss Candy’s home (Vienna’s most famous drag queen) is Heaven Vienna. Besides it is one the oldest and best known parties in town. Get moving to the latest in house music, disco sounds and garage beats for a sweltering atmosphere among party-goers.
  • Israeli music and Eurotrash all packed into one can be found at the Kibbutz Klub held (unfortunately) infrequently at the Club U on Karlsplatz. This event is a prime example of the openness in Vienna. It is organized by the “QueerHebrews” and everyone is welcome – whether lesbian, gay, transsexual, hetero, hipster, Jewish, non-Jewish, local or immigrant.

Travelzoner Hotel Tips

We’d love to offer our home for all gay travelers, but I think, we lack the space 😉 So we’d suggest you look up some of our hotel tips for your next trip to Vienna:

  • Motel One offers three hotels in Vienna, one being right in the city center near the Opera house. Motel One is very good value for money with around €90 p.n.
  • Pimp your style at the lush LeMERIDIEN. This is no cheap option – but then again, whenever are we believed to have cheap taste?
  • Same style – same price is the Sofitel Vienna Stephansdom. This house sure gives you the best views over Vienna city center, so be sure to have a go.
  • The Pension Wild is a classic, a true gay friendly house. It’s a fair deal on the price (with € 70 p.n.) but a bit old fashioned. Still, the guys running it are very lovable. Besides they do have a gay sauna in da’ house 😉

Need a bath or…fun?

Then you really have to go to probably the oldest and grandest gay sauna in the European hemisphere: the Kaiserbründl. Kaiserbründl Men’s Sauna is a permanent feature on Vienna’s gay scene: the building in the city center is noted not only for its large wellness area and regular events. Things got pretty hot here even during imperial times: Archduke Ludwig Viktor, known simply as “Luziwuzi” by the gay smart set at the turn of the 20th century, is alleged to have got too close to an officer here, earning him a slap in the face.

What was particularly racy about this occurrence is the fact that “Luziwuzi” was the youngest brother of the ultra-conservative Emperor Franz Joseph. Today, the Kaiserbründl offers a sauna, biosauna, steam room, massages, solarium, dining over three floors AND loads of FUN (if you know what I mean).

Looking for the ideal Wedding Place? Come to Vienna

Whenever you plan on getting married, choose Vienna. It is one of the most romantic experiences of your lifetime. Besides Vienna offers some hysterically beautiful wedding locations around town. Museums (e.g. Albertina, Kunst Haus), the imperial residences of the Hofburg and Schönbrunn, the Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel and many other are available for the “civil partnership”. Detailed information can be found on the website at www.partnerschaft.wien.at or call tel. +43-1-4000-05589. A sworn interpreter must be called in if the registrants have inadequate German language skills. The most important thing: The registered partnership will be recognized in all countries where registered partnerships are allowed by law.


That’s all for now folks. We’d love to hear from you, do get in touch with us should you plan a trip to Vienna and don’t forget to follow Travelzoner’s social media channels Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Happy Landings!


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