Emirates to unveil its new First Class this November

Flying Emirates will get even more luxurious this November. On May, 30 the Dubai based airline announced the launch of an all new First Class setting for its long haul fleet. Visitors of the Dubai Air Show 2017 (November 12-16) will be the first to get a glance at the new setting, which will debut onboard a Boeing 777-300ER.

An Emirates plane in mid air
Emirates Boeing 777-300ER (photo credit: Emirates)

Emirates’ new First Class cabin will showcase six (instead of 8) private suites in a new layout. The new aircraft will also boast a range of other new features in the Business and Economy class cabins. “What our customers will see on Emirates’ new 777s, will be a much bigger revamp that takes our onboard experience to the next level”; says Emirates President Tim Clark.

UAE Airlines on a Revamp Spree

With the announcement of its redesign, Emirates is the second UAE-based airline that tries to quickly adapt to demands of passengers. Etihad said last week it had received a new Airbus A380 that features a luxurious three-room suite with shower and living room, as well as “apartments” and “studios.”

Useful Links

Both Emirates and Etihad offer connections to hundreds of airports around the globe. Emirates is based in Dubai, Etihad in Abu Dhabi. For booking contact https://www.emirates.com or http://www.etihad.com

Happy Landings.

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