Go And See The Daffodils of Salzkammergut

Narcissus Poeticus, also known as the white daffodil,  is not only a sweet looking flower, in Austria they even have a festival celebrating the white beauty. Set in the gorgeous region of the Salzkammergut, with its magical lakes the Altaussee (known from the latest James Bond movie „Spectre“), the Grundlsee and the Toplitzsee (allegedly where the Nazis had plunged their gold), each year the Narcissus Festival (Narzissenfest) takes place.

Narcissus festival parade on the lake
boats parading their narcissus creations around Lake Grundlsee

The wild narcissus poeticus can be found everywhere in the region of Ausseerland, blooming at the end of May until mid June. So it’s quite understandable that they have their own festival for it. In fact, the flowers transform the already idyllic alpine region into something magical. Hiking during that time of the year is just ideal, but do take warm clothing with you just in case.

Usually at the end of May, people in the region celebrate the Narzissenfest, saving one whole week for celebrations in and around the villages and lakes. At the end of the week-long festivities the parade in Bad Aussee marks the highlight. After the parade on land, the narcissi-objects move on to the lakes Altaussee and Grundlsee, locations alternating every year. In 2017 the lake parade took place on the Grundlsee.

The objects decorated with the narcissus poeticus usually follow traditional rules, but they do parade some modern styles as well. Another highlight are the three Narzissen-Princesses that each year are being chosen out of hundreds of young aspirants (see picture above). The three princesses are the festival’s ambassadors and a stand alone tourist attraction.

people preparing for the Narzissenfest 2017
traditional „Tracht“ is worn by the locals during the Narzissenfest

Put in on your bucket list

…and make sure to mark the date for next year’s Narzissenfest. Austria’s largest flower festival will take place for the 59th time and is scheduled from May, 31 to June, 3 2018.

Check your rooms early

Booking a room in the region during the week of the festival can be very difficult – as in close to not possible. So do check your rooms early. One of the topnotch places to stay is the Seevilla, a 4-star superior hotel overlooking the lake. Also the Villa Salis, a very traditional Austrian lake house is highly recommended. Another tip is the Hotel am See, a 4-star house with gorgeous interiors and magnificent views over the lake Altaussee.

For any other vacancies and bookings check:
Tourist Office Ausseerland – Salzkammergut
Bahnhofstraße 132 ● 8990 Bad Aussee, Austria
Tel.: +43 3622 540 40-0
E-Mail: info@ausseerland.atausseerland.salzkammergut.at

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