RUEFA Launches New GAY-Travel Product

Austria’s biggest travel agent RUEFA today announced Ruefa Gaytravel, its new product tailormade for the LGBTIQ-community. With the new service the agency aims to please an ever increasing community, offering everything from travel arrangements for the party people to a choice of gay friendly or gay only hotels, flights and car rentals.

hot guy by the pool
Cover of Ruefa’s new gay travel catalogue (credit: Ruefa)

I Have Time

…says the front page title of Ruefa’s new catalog. The initiative came from the two Ruefa employees Jürgen and Kurt Freudenthaler. The married couple originally was only planning on joining this year’s Vienna Pride Parade, campaigning for equal rights for gay couples, who by law in Austria still don’t get the same amount of days off for their honeymoon as heterosexual couples do. But the management board of Verkehrsbuero Group, owner of Ruefa travel agent, soon got involved, promoted Jürgen and Kurt’s idea, and assisted in putting together a whole LGBTIQ-travel product.

From idea to the real thing – married couple Jürgen and Kurt invented Ruefa’s new product for the LGBTIQ community (credit: Verkehrsbuero Group)

“It’s amazing to now see the final product”, Jürgen and Kurt Freudenthaler.

Safety First

The Spartacus Gay Travel Index 2017 lists 194 countries that are considered safe for homosexuals. So Ruefa only offers travels to these countries. Amongst those are destinations such as Greece, Spain, Florida (US), Costa Rica and South Africa, all ranked under the top 60 of the safest countries worldwide. Belgium ranks third, Spain #13 and Austria #18.

Of course Ruefa offers the well known party locations such as Gran Canaria or Miami. But the travel agency also has some tours and travel packages off the beaten track in its current program.

Kick Off During Vienna Pride Parade

Ruefa will be the first ever Austrian travel agent to staff an own parade truck during this years Vienna Pride Parade on Saturday June, 17. The Verkehrsbuero management team together with LGBTIQ-staff will join the truck and officially launch the new Ruefa Gaytravel program.

Useful Links

Good luck Ruefa and Happy Landings!

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