Have you ever come across beautiful cityscape photos captured at twilight and dusk (the so-called “blue hour”) with silky smooth water, like this Marina Bay (Singapore) photo, and wondered how you could do that yourself?

Marina Bay, Singapore (credit: Digital Photography School)

Fellow blogger Joey J from Digital Photography School has shared his insights into the most important things you’ll need for your awesome long exposure shots. Here’s the link to his blog: Recommended Gear for Doing Long Exposure Photography at Twilight and Dusk — Digital Photography School

What We Like Working With

Tripod is everything when it comes to capturing that special LE (long expo) moment. But tripods can be heavy when having to carry them around just for maybe one shot only. So here’s the thing – the JOBY Gorilla Tripod

JOBY Gorilla Tripod (credit Joby)

Joby Gorilla Tripod (credit: Joby)

This fun to work with and lightweight tripod (499 g / 1,1 lbs; 76s g / 1,62 lbs with Ballhead X) for professional DSLR comes in at around $ 60 but you should buy the Ballhead X to go with it. The set costs $ 149,95 at Joby website. This gets you everywhere, even on hiking trips around mountains. So grab yours quickly.


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