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Come with us and have a peak view at the village of Hallstatt, which is not only famous for its history dating back some thousand years, but also for its attraction to especially asian tourists. See below for some travel tips for this XMAS season!

Beautiful Hallstatt

Somewhere in the Chinese province of Guangdong, China has its very own Hallstatt – but of course just a copy. There’s only one real Hallstatt and judging by the thousands of tourists from all over the world rolling in every day into the village center it hasn’t lost its magic. 

Hallstatt is a UNESCO World Heritage

in fact the whole region of Hallstatt Dachstein Salzkammergut is registered with the UNESCO

Tom and I travel to Hallstatt quite regularly, as we have our second home very close by. And yes, we do feel very lucky. So we thought to have you participate in some of our trips to that truly amazing village. 

Travel Tip: Go There In Winter

Hallstatt is located in the region of Salzkammergut and can be reached by train from e.g. Vienna airport (to which most of you will probably travel to when traveling to Austria). In the video below you can see what you’ll need to do.

How to get to Hallstatt from Vienna Airport

During winter, especially on days with heavy snow fall, you’ll be pretty much on your own as the hordes of tourists will avoid the freezing weather conditions. But this time of the year is so miraculously pretty and Hallstatt most magical.

For Christmas season 2018 for example, Hallstatt is all set for the 200th anniversary of famous Christmas song Silent Night, which was composed and written by fellow Salzburgian Franz Xaver Gruber.  Here are some of Hallstatt’s 

5 Hallstatt Christmas Tips

  • Torchlight Tour November, 17: A special tour during your winter holiday in Hallstatt. 
  • Christmas Crib Exhibition December, 1: A classic go and must see, this exhibition of cribs from Hallstatt and around the world is on display daily between the December, 1 to January.
  • Krampus Run December, 5: Colourful fire show with hot drinks, St. Nicholas, and lots of devilishly good masks. A hell of a good spectacle that shouldn’t be missed! 
  • Don’t miss this years Christmas Market on December, 8: Idyllic World Heritage Advent in the UNESCO World Heritage region of Hallstatt Dachstein Salzkammergut at yout winter holiday around Lake Hallstatt.
  • The Sound of Christmas December, 14: A concert with world-famous Christmas classics that all of you will know and can sing along to. An unforgettable sound experience during your holiday in Hallstatt.

We will keep you posted on our future trips to Hallstatt and we’ll also try to cover some of this years Christmas events. Meanwhile be sure to follow our blog and we’d be happy to get a like, comment or reply from you 😉


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