Austria’s Most Beautiful Lighthouse

When in Vienna make sure you venture out to Lake Neusiedl, which should take you no more than a 1 hour drive by car. It can be a very crowded place in summer, a time when Viennese and tourists from neighboring Hungary flock to the only endorheic lake (closed basin) in Austria. But in winter, the wide plains and idyllic landscape around the lake, a unique habitat and both UNESCO World Heritage and national park, is pretty deserted.

wide plains – a very characteristic view of lake Neusiedl’s surroundings

The local tourist office promises some 300 days of sun per year (see their website for further details) and as far as I know, they’re not far off. In summer, this is a hotspot for sunbathing, swimming, but also for kite and wind surfing, with strong winds lashing the dry heat over the lake.


Let’s do summer one other time. Today solitude during winter season is our storyline. One Sunday in February 2019 Tom and I packed up our camera equipment and headed out to Lake Neusiedl. Knowing that the feature image we aimed for would deliver to our photographic hopes, we drove straight to the lighthouse in Podersdorf. Podersdorf is a small village right at the lake’s shore with a broad lakefront and a pier.

My Nikon D7200 and my newly acquired Sigma 24-35mm F2 DG HSM | Art in hand, we set up our base at the Podersdorf pier and started to shoot the most beautiful lighthouse in Austria.

Of course one os not completely alone, especially not at a time when the sun sets over the vast reach of the lake. But having put on my ND-1000 filter over my lens and having set the timer to 30 sec. exposure, all moving objects disappear (almost – have you experienced the same thing? As soon as I set up my tripod for a long exposure shot, people in frame tend to stay motionless. You can see such an example in the image below.)

Landscape Photography Tip: Take Your Time

I’ve just come across an article that I’d like to share with you. It very well fits with this photo story. Renowned photographer Nigel Danson gave some helpful advice for landscape photography. TAKE YOUR TIME. In his video (see below) he stresses the importance of taking time before shooting. A thing I often forget, but will bear in mind in future. Time allows you to get to know the landscape, savor its many features, experience and judge the moving of the clouds or the movement of light and sun.

During my time at Lake Neusiedl I sure did take my time. Maybe this was the reason why the photos turned out so very pleasingly.

Next Trip For Sure

The area around lake Neusiedl, the national park, boasts hundreds of other touristy things to do. Plus, the region is well known for its wine delicacies. Sure enough, Tom and I will visit again, maybe in spring this year to get a glimpse of nature slowly awakening after winter. Here are two photos from last year’s spring time.

Hope you liked today’s story. Stay tuned for more and don’t forget to like or comment. Thank you!


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