Travelzoner is our brand used for our travel blog (see our logo on the right). We both love travelling so coming up with a travel blog seemed a logical thing to do. Our favorite airline is of course Austrian Airlines. Tom is a purser at the airline and has been with them for the past 20 years.

Have a look through the stories of our past travels. Maybe you’ll even get the necessary inspiration to head off to a wonderful destination around the globe.

Happy Landings!

Ritz-Carlton Takes To The Sea

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, part of NASDAQ corp Marriott International, Inc., will enter luxury yachting and cruising in 2019. In a press release the luxury hotel group announced that it will provide luxury hospitality service under a long-term operating agreement...

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Paris Air Show 2017 Unveils Plans For A380plus

Airbus has announced to present a study of its most energy efficient A380 yet at this years Paris Air Show. The new model includes aerodynamic improvements in particular new, large winglets and other wing refinements that allow for up to 4% fuel burn savings. Added to...

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RUEFA Launches New GAY-Travel Product

Austria's biggest travel agent RUEFA today announced Ruefa Gaytravel, its new product tailormade for the LGBTIQ-community. With the new service the agency aims to please an ever increasing community, offering everything from travel arrangements for the party people to...

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4 Reasons To Visit Austrian “Gesäuse”

What sounds very unpronounceable is actually a most beautiful region in the north-western part of Styria, which itself is a province of Austria. You can try by saying [gesɔ͜yse] – this is of course for those of you who are able to read the IPA. For all the others –...

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Please Go And See The Daffodils of Salzkammergut

Narcissus Poeticus, also known as the white daffodil,  is not only a sweet looking flower, in Austria they even have a festival celebrating the white beauty. Set in the gorgeous region of the Salzkammergut, with its magical lakes the Altaussee (known from the latest...

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One Perfect Wine Shop

When touring around Vienna (Austria) and its beautiful wine regions in Lower Austria you do stumble across a tiny village called Göttlesbrunn. You might not be able to pronounce it properly, but it boasts some of the best wine Austria offers. My tip for grasping the...

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Social Media Checks Certain For U.S. Visa Applicants

The Trump administration approves new and tougher rules for U.S. visa applicants, Reuters reports. The new questionnaire asks for social media handles for the last five years and also extends the time span for past travels, residency and employment to be named going...

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Emirates to unveil its new First Class this November

Flying Emirates will get even more luxurious this November. On May, 30 the Dubai based airline announced the launch of an all new First Class setting for its long haul fleet. Visitors of the Dubai Air Show 2017 (November 12-16) will be the first to get a glance at the...

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